Ark Globe takes part in Sports Day Challenge

Tuesday 30 June 2020

With sports days unable to take place this year, Ark Globe Academy is taking part in the Ark Sports Day Challenge - to get the schools across the Ark network to collectively cycle, run and walk the distance around the world. It is 40,000km! 

As a school we have set a distance of 1000km! To achieve this goal, we would like each student to help by running, walking, cycling or something else creative. Climbing a staircase 286 times will get you to 1km! Regardless of your ability everybody can join in. But this is not just for students! We would like our whole community to take part.  

So that means parents of course, but we would also like to see aunties and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, as well as any and all friends you can rope in to take part. We are also inviting our community partners, business partners, neighbours and all of our extended community to take part. We need to act in accordance to social distance rules and to be sensible at this time, but being active and getting outside, even if for 15 minutes, is very important to maintaining good health – physically and mentally.  

Other schools in the Ark network will be taking part, so we want to ensure we can get the most distance achieved! 

Primary's challenge will start on 6 July and go on until the end of 10 July.

Secondary and Sixth Form has one day only to join the challenge: 10 July. 

To sign up, all you need to do is visit:  

Let's inspire each other with what we can achieve together!

Here is a message from our Principal, Matt Jones

Watch the video where our sports superstars invite everyone to take part in the big challenge!