Ark Globe Students and local police enjoy 'Communi-tea' breakfast  

Wednesday 09 December 2015

In the summer of 2015 Ark Globe Academy welcomed elderly members of the local community to help combat social isolation through the medium of an afternoon tea.

This term Ark Globe students welcomed the local police for a community breakfast to build on their positive relationships and breakdown stereotypes between the young people of Southwark and the police force. Eight officers from the Safer Transport Team, the Local Policing Team and Met-Track joined 21 year 9 students to find common ground, discuss key issues about the borough and to cast a vision over what Elephant & Castle could look like in 50 years time.

The students and police enjoyed breakfast together and worked through a conversation menu to help both groups appreciate what it is like being in the other’s shoes. Great conversations were had and important issues were covered to help give students a greater understanding of what the police do to keep them safe. Students also shared with the police what it’s like being a young person growing up in Southwark and the challenges it presents.

John Powell MBE, former superintendent and founder of Met-Track said:

“Today I learnt that engagement with young people is key to establishing positive attitudes towards the police”

Khaleed, Year 9 said:

“Police are our friends and they need our help to keep us safe”

Adedamola, Year 9 said:

“I learnt that the police are nice and they work really hard to make us feel safe in our community”

Ark Globe Academy is committed to being an active member of its local community and the ‘Communi-tea’ forms part of an ongoing project which engages students with members of the community. The school is working with Fellows from the organisation ‘YearHere’ to create meaningful and lasting links with the local area via initiatives such as the ’Communi-tea’ and Southwark Foodbank.