Ark Globe Academy athletes take the fast lane

Thursday 24 March 2016

Ark Globe Academy athletes take the fast lane for chance to train with Formula One drivers

Students have been competing for a chance to train with elite athletes and Formula One drivers as part of a new partnership between the school and a top sports science consultancy.12 students competed for the prize, which will see the winner attend an overseas training camp to further develop their skills alongside top sportsmen and women from professional motorsports. 
The winning students will also gain the chance to have personalised training plans developed for them to enhance their performance in a chosen sport, including football, athletics and basketball.
The competition was delivered by Pro Performance Ltd, a sports science consultancy which specialises in the assessment and consultation of elite athletes from professional Motorsport, including Formula One, as part of their prestigious Sponsorship Programme.
The students competed for their place on the programme by taking part in a series of exercises that tested their physical and mental skills including Agility and Speed, Explosive Strength, Reaction Times and Endurance. Throughout the day, the students had been particularly anticipating an opportunity to compete against each other which arose in the core and upper body strength test, the formidable plank challenge. For this test the students had to stay in the plank position for as long as they could and it was Mayowa, year 9 who was the winner staying in the position for an incredible three minutes.  
Year 9 student Ramon said: “I was nervous to start with and keen to try my best as it was such a good opportunity”.
Matt Jones, Principal said: “We have so many talented athletes at Ark Globe that we wanted to ensure they are being given access to the best training advice possible. Through this scholarship programme we will be opening up opportunities for students to develop their skills further and helping them to attend the organisations that will put them on the road to potentially becoming professional athletes”.