Ark Globe Academy’s 10th anniversary

Tuesday 04 December 2018

We are thrilled to be celebrating Ark Globe Academy’s 10th anniversary this year.

The celebrations will continue throughout the year with an exciting list of events bringing the whole community together. The events will mark the success of the last decade and inspire everyone for an even better future for the academy.

During the summer holidays, we worked on Ark Globe’s rebranding, which is part of a project involving all of the Ark schools. You may have noticed that we adopted four golden dots under our logo, which symbolises the Ark schools network. With the new logo, we also had a special 10th anniversary logo designed, which will be used throughout the year on every document we produce.

Another great project we took on this term, was to get the whole school picture taken for the first time in the history of the Academy! Sixth Form, Secondary and Primary students as well as every single staff member are presented in the whole school picture. It was a huge production and an amazing event that brought us all together. If you would like to order a print copy of the whole school picture, please get in touch with the student services.

We will be marking our 10th anniversary with a wide community programme. Two of our Enrichment Days will focus on this programme, as well as our Summer Fair turning into a big celebration of the anniversary. Sports Days and the Awards Evening will also boost the celebratory spirit of the whole academic year. Our business and community partners are working with us to make this year a very memorable one for the whole Academy community and particularly for our students. We will extend our enrichment activities to celebrate 10 years of success and feel inspired for the future. We will also be looking at the legacy of the Academy, as so much has been achieved in 10 years!