The Access Project - Year 9 Trip to the University of Oxford

Wednesday 15 May 2013

On Thursday 9 May, Miss Livings, Mr Barnett and Andy Elliott (Year Here) were fortunate enough to take a group of Elbrus and McKinley year 9 students to the University of Oxford. The day began with a scenic train ride across the countryside during which the students were marvelling at the countryside and open spaces.  On arrival to Oxford we walked through the city, observing the beautiful architecture on route to our first destination; The Pitt Rivers Museum - a museum belonging to Oxford university, specialising in anthropology and archeology. The students learnt about different artifacts and were fascinated by these; many of which had links to their own African heritage. The highlight for many was seeing a real Egyptian mummy!

Following the session at the museum, the students then visited the college of Lady Margaret Hall. They ate in the grand dining hall that current Oxford students eat in, and had conversations with current students. The students then had a session on what it is like to study at Oxford, demystifying the idea that it is only for “superhuman geniuses”. This was further cemented by a practice interview scenario, during which students completed a task highlighting that Oxford is more concerned with how you think and are able to justify your reasoning, rather than how many facts you can reel off in an interview.

The day culminated with a session on philosophy run by two Oxford student ambassadors. Globe students debated the concept of freedom, and whilst the material was aimed at undergraduates, the year 9s engaged very well with the difficult questions asked of them. The ambassadors then gave our students a tour of Lady Margaret Hall during which the students got to see one of the many Oxford libraries, the student common room and the beautiful grounds of the college.

The students demonstrated exemplary behaviour throughout the day and were fantastic representatives for Globe Academy. Many of the students came away inspired by the university and the experience it offers, and hope one day to be able to attend Oxford themselves.