10th Anniversary Celebrations

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Throughout 2018-2019 academic year, we took every opportunity to celebrate our 10th anniversary, looking through past years, getting inspiration from our successes and setting new goals. It was a very special year for Ark Globe and our big community. We celebrated our anniversary at the Maths Competition, New Year 7 barbecue, Celebrating Success Evening, Sports Day and many more…

We also organised a special project for the anniversary, with the amazing support of one of our business partners, Brands2Life. As part of this project we asked every single student about their career aspiration and compiled this inspiring data to be used in creating a public artwork.

20 students from across Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form got together for a whole day workshop with our art teachers and Brands2Life’s digital team. Students first did some brainstorming and then started working collaboratively on the briefs that they received and finally created the basis of a mural. The brief was highlights from the career aspirations of our whole Academy; the top ten aspirations and some other interesting careers. The workshop was filmed and our students were interviewed too, as the project will be turned into a mini documentary made by Brands2Life. Student artworks will be designed together, digitally produced and installed as a mural on Harper Road. We hope this will be a delightful addition to our environment and inspire the whole community. The project is still underway and it’s a great experience for all students and staff involved.

As another way of celebrating, we created an anniversary book. The book attempts to tell the story of this important 10 years in the history of a school and its community. It includes interviews and articles by our community and business partners, current and former staff members, alumni, students, parents, our founder Sir Paul Marshall, CEO of Ark, Lucy Heller, and our local MP Neil Coyle. The book will be displayed at our Primary and Secondary receptions. We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the book.

And finally, it is still not too late to purchase a whole school picture! This was a big production to mark our 10th anniversary and showcases what a big and diverse community we are. You can get a copy of the picture by getting in touch with Tempest Photography on 01736 751 555.

Happy 10th anniversary to all of us!