‘Love, Aubrey’ author encourages young writers

Wednesday 02 July 2014

Children’s author Suzanne LaFleur visited students at Globe Academy recently. Especially popular with girls, her books include ‘Love, Aubrey’, ‘Eight Keys’ and ‘Listening for Lucca’. Suzanne led a writing workshop, and read from her books as our students sipped iced tea and enjoyed book themed cupcakes they had made to celebrate the visit.

Suzanne shared her top tips for creative writing:

Spend time thinking about your story before you start to write anything
Use the actions of your character to show the reader what kind of person they are rather than having to tell them. Give them the evidence they need to work it out for themselves. This makes it far more engaging for them.
Don’t worry about using elaborate language but instead think about the words your character would speak. For example, if you’re writing about a child use their every day words in your writing.

Rose Vargas, Year 7 said:
“Suzanne La Fleur was very inspirational and her writing is beautiful. She was a really nice person and took time to get to know us. I am writing my own book so I will follow her tips!”

Answer Ogbonnya, Year 7 said:
“Suzanne LaFleur’s workshop helped me become more confident to share my writing with other people.”

Matt Jones, Principal, Globe Academy said: "Our students have loved reading Suzanne LaFleur's books. Having her visit Globe Academy helped bring the stories to life and was really inspiring for them. We are committed to helping each child to reach their potential and nurturing great readers and writers is a very important part of this. Thank you to Suzanne for taking time to share her work with us."