We are passionate about providing our students with the skills they need to become leaders in their community. Our Student Leadership programme creates a wide range of opportunities for students to take responsibility. 

Head Girl and Head Boy


Ebi-Arebebe Miene

Head Girl, 2021-2022

"I have come to learn and understand many things whilst being at Ark Globe. One of which is that the sense of community is the clay that moulds it to be such an outstanding academy. I know that at Ark Globe we pride ourselves through the work we do as a community. Acommunity thrives through those who build the connections. As Head Girl, I will be the bridge that connects teachers and students. By fostering attributes of the Culture Pyramid, I will create an environment welcoming for all."

Di'Mario Downer 

Head Boy, 2021-2022

"As Head Boy, I am inspired and motivated by the benefits that a strong sense of community can providefor students at school. This motivation has been significantly amplified by the pandemic the impact of which on social interaction is especially prevalent at Ark Globe. By reinforcing solidarity among students and teachers,I’d like to create an environment, that students know, will both support them and celebrate their hard work.Supported by the foundation built on the values of the Culture Pyramid such as Growth Mindset and Independence, I view a welcoming and positive atmosphere at Ark Globe Academy as integral to both the success and happiness of students."

Ayo Osisami 

Deputy Head Girl, 2021-2022

"At Ark Globe Academy, community is a big part of what makes us who we are. Therefore, making our environment a place where students can thrive academically and as aperson, is always at the forefront of my thinking."

Luciano Naressi

Deputy Head Boy, 2021-2022

"I learnt to gain strength from bad situations, so that today I can stand in front of others to show that there is strength within us, and that can take us to where we want to go. We can do it together, and in the end, we are all one family."