Academy's Educational Responsibilities

The Academy will:

  • provide a friendly welcome to your child and a secure, stimulating environment in which to learn;
  • ensure that your child is valued for who she/he is and helped to make good progress in their spiritual, moral, emotional and academic development;
  • treat your child with the dignity and respect they require;
  • do our utmost to provide the best possible education we can for your child through enthusiastic teaching which is rooted in our beliefs, our values and our skills;
  • ensure that the education provided for your child is tailored as best as possible by using good assessment recording and tracking strategies;
  • provide you with information about your child's progress and provide you with opportunities to talk to teachers;
  • keep you well informed about Academy policies and activities through regular letters and newsletters;
  • set, mark and monitor homework suitable to your child's needs;
  • contact you if there is a problem with your child's attendance or punctuality;
  • inform you of any concerns regarding your child's behaviour, work or health; this includes notification of 5pm or Saturday detentions
  • challenge your child to strive for the highest standard of personal, social and intellectual development and aim for excellence in all they do.


Parental Responsibilities

We/I as parent/carer will:

  • ensure that my child attends the Academy every day, on time and suitably equipped to learn;
  • ensure my child is in full academy uniform every day, and understand if not she/he will be sent home to rectify;
  • ensure that family holidays are taken outside of term time, otherwise the child's place may be forfeited;
  • inform the Academy of any concerns;
  • support the values of the Academy community and encourage my child to do his/her best;
  • give my child opportunities for home learning and support my child in the completion of homework ;
  • check and sign my child's planner on a weekly basis;
  • ensure that my child attends extension classes as timetabled and if it is necessary arrange for collection;
  • support the Academy's policies and guidelines for behaviour; including after school, 5pm and Saturday detentions; I understand that I will only need to be notified for 5pm and Saturday detentions attend parents' evenings, academic monitoring days and discussions about my child's progress;
  • ensure my child behaves in an appropriate manner that upholds the academy's code of conduct on the way to and from the Academy.


Student Responsibilities

I will:

  • attend the Academy regularly and on time;
  • wear the Academy uniform correctly and bring all the equipment I need every day;
  • take care of all Academy equipment and help keep our Academy free from litter;
  • share my feelings honestly and politely and show consideration for others in Academy;
  • behave sensibly so that we can be happy and safe as we learn;
  • try to think for myself and take responsibility for my actions;
  • attend extension classes as timetabled;
  • do all my class work and homework;
  • keep my planner up to date by:‐ entering all homework and any other information that is necessary, and by getting it signed every week;
  • observe all Academy rules and treat everyone with the respect they deserve;
  • travel directly to/from the Academy and ensuring I portray the Academy in a positive light. I realise that any misbehaviour whilst wearing Academy uniform will be dealt with as if the incident occurred at school;
  • not have mobile phones or any electronic items in my possession. I am aware they are banned from the Academy.

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