Globe Academy celebrates Christmas

Friday 20 December 2013

It's been a very busy last week of term across the academy with pupils from every year group performing in a variety of plays and concerts. The Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils kicked off the week with a fantastic performance of the traditional Nativity story complete with angels, donkeys and carols. The singing was beautiful and the narrators did incredibly well with their reading. Next, it was the Key Stage 2 pupils turn to showcase their talents. They also told the Nativity story but accompanied it with both the traditional and modern Christmas songs. Once again the standard was high and bought tears to a number of the audience member's eyes. Special congratulations should go to the solo singers who were incredible  and narrators who told the whole story by heart. 


The week of performances was finished off with the secondary Christmas concert that was performed to a packed out Pentagon. This was the first of its kind in the secondary school and what a way to start.

The evening was hosted by Head Boy, Ochucko Toweh, Deputy Head Boy, Isaac Akintaro and Amy Barton who kept the evening flowing whilst the many set changes occurred.  They needed so many set changes due to the variety of acts that were included in the performance; a solo on the Turkish instrument, the Saz, by Hasan in year 11, a rap composed and performed by the year 10 band, a number of piano solos and the first ever performance of the String and Brass Ensembles are to name but a few. The standard of all performances was high and showed the range of talent that the pupils at Globe Academy have. It was an absolutely fantastic way to end the first term of the 2013 academic year and we look forward to many more performances. 

Congratulations go to all the pupils involved in the performances which made everyone very proud!

The videos below are a snapshot of the performances.