fOur aim is to give our students new and exciting opportunities which will enable them to build upon their existing skills and knowledge, as well as broaden their horizons. From our extended school programme, to inspiring speakers such as former US President Barack Obama and former Prime Minister David Cameron, we help prepare each child for university and to be leaders in their community.

Globe Pledge

We know how important lessons are, but what is also crucial to your success is having a range of enrichment experiences that will allow you to develop skills and passion in a variety of ways.

This year we have decided to make some promises to you.

We have Pledged that we will provide you things that we think that every student should have the chance to do.

Introducing the Globe Pledge!


As a student of Globe Academy you are offered a range of fantastic opportunities to extend your learning beyond the classroom. 

These include trips and visits, lunchtime and after school clubs and projects that take place in and outside of school. 

This document therefore sets out a twelve-part pledge that Globe Academy makes to you.

You will be encouraged to make the most of these opportunities and reflect on them so that by the time that you leave Globe you have the experiences to help you conquer every environment.  

Globe Academy pledges to provide opportunities for all its students so that by the time they are eighteen they can say:

1)  I will have experienced democracy through electing student council members and engaging in mock national elections.

2)   I will have written and delivered a speech and/or spoken publicly.

3)   I will have taken part in a public event –i.e. sports, dance, visual arts, politics or a concert and represented the academy in a team or as an individual.

4)   I will have taken part in a play, musical or reading that involves either acting, speaking or helping with the production.

5)   I will have been on an educational visit and/or an overnight stay outside of London.

6)   I have a clear understanding of finance and have set up a bank account for life after school.

7)   I will have engaged in structured debate with the confidence to articulate my points clearly.

8)   I will have planned, delivered and evaluated a project of my passion or subject of my choice.

9)   I will have experienced cutting-edge science and technology.

10) I will have visited a place of Higher Education.

11) I will have experienced a range of different career paths within the professional world of work.

12) I will have visited a Museum and/or Gallery.


Extended School Programme

Our extensive extended school programme includes extra-curricular classes, trips and visits and special events and we have a very wide range of after school sports and performing arts activities. We provide residential and personal development experiences and opportunities for students to take part in schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and to participate in their local community. The Academy Council runs a hugely successful international event that reflects the school’s diversity.

We offer homework clubs, catch up classes, Saturday and Easter GCSE booster classes and Year 11 students attend maths and English revision weekends before their GCSEs. After school clubs include poetry club, programming club, book clubs, art club, choir, debating and many more.

For those interested in getting involved in more physical activities, the extended school programme offers students the chance to participate in a range of different sports, such as football, basketball, netball, table tennis, trampolining and many more. Our students have access to fantastic facilities including our new state-of-the-art 3G pitch.

Of course, these sessions don’t just run after school. The extended school programme also caters for students who are also looking to do something a little different in their lunch hours, and we offer a wide range of clubs at this time for students interested in cinema and film, sport or music.

These sessions are extremely popular, are all-welcoming and provide access for a wide range of students with different levels of ability. There really is something for everyone.

You can see the current extra-curricular programme here: 

Performance Faculty Clubs Timetable

PE Club Timetable

Club Timetable - Autumn - 2022 

Non-Core Extra-Curricular Timetable 

Day Department Time Activity Staff Leading
Thursday Media (Comms) 3:30pm - 4:00pm Media Production Mr Gardiner
Thursday MS21 Geography 12:45pm-1:15pm Enrivonmental Club Geography teachers
Tuesday Science Lunch Chess Club Mr Pinsker
Monday Enterprise 3:30pm-4:00pm KS4/5 Computer Science Club Mr Kolawole
Tuesday Enterprise 3:30pm-4:00pm Business Club Mr Sinanaj
Wednesday Enterprise 3:30pm-4:00pm Cooking Club Ms Graces
Friday Maths Lunch Maths Club Mr Twumasi-Adutwum and Mr Freeman

Inspiring Learning with Enrichment Days

Each year Ark Globe Academy hosts 3 full days of enrichment where students are given opportunities to develop skills outside of a classroom setting. These experiences range from educational trips and experiences, challenges, workshops, seminars, performances as well as working with professionals and the community day.

Each enrichment day has a specific focus:

Enrichment day 1: Culture, Heritage and Passion

Enrichment day 2: Futures and Professionalism

Enrichment day 3: Community and Leadership

At Globe we know that education doesn’t just end with grades and exam results, but with a wealth of experiences and cultural capital that can help to shape the futures of our young people.

Opportunitites with the Ark Schools Network

As part of the Ark Schools network our students take part in a whole host of exciting extra-curricular activities and opportunities. Highlights include Ark's music programme of choirs and ensembles, debates and competitions, cultural trips and adventures exploring wilderness. 

Making a Difference in Our Community

The extended school team also works closely with the local community. We are developing links with universities and both local and international businesses in order to further develop the portfolio of activities we are able to offer to students and the opportunities they have access to.

Our students meet inspiring speakers from the worlds of business, sports, arts and politics. We aim to provide opportunities for students to develop existing skills but also to try out new things, and open their eyes to new experiences, from work experience to workshops with inspiring initiatives. An examples to this is Head Start Social Action workshop for Year 10s, which was run in collabration with the charity Head Start, international construction company Lendlease, and the Mayor of London. You can read more about this project here

We are proud to be at the heart of our community and work closely with local organisations to both develop our students’ leadership skills and benefit our neighbours. Our students run successful fundraising events — an annual charity market in Bermondsey and soup and bread sale in Borough Market. Every year they make beautiful murals, give concerts for the local community and volunteer at London Marathon Events. Our students have a whole enrichment day dedicated to volunteering in local organisations. We also invite the whole community to events such as our Summer Fair and end of term productions to celebrate our students’ achievements and our local area together.

You can read about the Globe Wings project here, which was run in collabration with a leading communications company, Brands2Life.