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Whilst you are at home, build in time every day to learn. It might be that you have to leave your work and come back to it because you have to help your family or something else comes up. This is OK. We have broken learning down into weekly overviews where you will have work to complete each week. Just focus on doing what you can do in the time you have.

Primary Learning Resources

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Early Years Learning Resources

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Suggested Daily Routines

Please click the links below for ideas around how to structure your day.

Early Years Suggested Timetable

Key Stage 1 Suggested Timetable

Key Stage 2 Suggested Timetable

Useful Links

Please click here for the list of websites and other useful resources. 

Staying Connected as a Community

Please click here for

  • the Primary Wow Wall
  • the Star of the Week for each year group
  • weekly competitions
  • ways we are staying connected.