Being stuck in the house can sometimes be really boring. So lay aside those screens and bring some real excitement, challenge and tension into your day by proving you are the best, a winner!

Remember that big prizes can also be won. Every week there is a £20 Amazon voucher but also, at the end, those students that have engaged the most will be entered for the main lottery prize. So even if you don’t win now, you could win then, just for entering. So join in the fun today.

Please read below for more details.

Winner of the Sports Day Challenge

Secondary prize winner for the Sports Day Challenge is Saja Rafed with an incredible 264km. Congratulations Saja!

Culture Pyramid Competition

Sometimes when we talk about Learning Families we overlook the significance of the most important word in that title – family. That’s what we are as a school, a family, and like any family we spend a lot of time thinking about how we should live our lives and what is important to us. The Culture Pyramid brings this into one place and we want to know how you are living our values every day.

What you have to do: 

Each week we will give you an aspect of the Culture Pyramid to focus on. It will be your job to show how you are living this value in your everyday life at home or instead it could just be what you think they mean. You can interpret it the way you want – in a video, song, a poem, a photo, a picture or any other way; it really is up to you.

Once you have done that, send it to Mr Simpson via emailing and best entry each week will get a prize.

Winner of Culture Pyramid Competition

Congratulations to Neal Martey-Botchway for winning the Culture Pyramid Competition! 

Poetry Championships

Who will hold the title?

The battle for the title of Poetry Champion has begun. Can you be the ultimate winner in this clash of the titans? If so, bring your prowess to bear and see if you can be one to land the ultimate linguistic uppercut that leaves everyone gasping for air… and fingers clicking everywhere.

ROUND 5: Shopping

Write a poem inspired by one of these images: Shopping

So, the rules on social distancing keep relaxing in small ways. Have you been shopping since lock down began? Are you helping with supermarket shopping? Have you ventured out to a clothes shop or a shoe shop? How has the experience of shopping changed? What does it look like? How does it feel? Do you enjoy it? Does it make you feel nervous? Have you still not bSheen out?

Have a think and then put your feelings into words. If could be funny / curious / nervous / ominous (worrying). Its up to you. Get writing.

Here you can see a poem called Yesterday I spent, where a British poet tried to put it all into words. See if you like it. Steal any ideas that would help you. Nobody owns words!

Send all fifth round entries to Mr Simpson by emailing The deadline is Monday 20 July 2020, 9:00am.

The best poems in this round will be shared here and tweeted on Ark Globe's Twitter account.

Winner of the Poetry Championship 

Runners up: 

1. Alarna (Year 4)

2. Boaz (Year 2)

Winner: Jayvion (Year 2)

School is the place to be by Jayvion (Year 2)

School is fun
That I can see,
There is much to do
And much to see,
To read and write
And make things bright,
School is where we can take flight.

Let's become doctors, nurses and scholars,
For we know that learning can bring us honours,
Make time to see that we can do,
Anything that we can put our mind to.

So let us stand tall,
And be thankful for school,
For there is much more,
That is there to adore.

We read, we write,
So that we become bright
Because school is where we can take flight.