Camila is a 2017 leaver and currently studies Psychology at the University of Manchester. 

"I started my journey at Ark Globe when I was 12 years old, not knowing a single word of English and with no clear plans for my future. I then left Globe at the age of 18 to start my degree in Psychology at the University of Manchester with a full set of GCSEs and A levels.

On my first day at Globe I remember fearing never being able to adapt to such a new environment, however the community at Globe always made me feel welcomed. Although we are a really diverse community, I always felt a sense of belonging coming from students and teachers. My teachers’ constant support and encouragement inspired me to focus on my GCSEs and A levels. Thanks to my experience at Ark Globe Academy, I considered going into teaching to be able to help children going through the same adaptation process I had to go through. I would like to show them that they can do whatever they put their minds to; it doesn’t matter if you speak English perfectly or not, language is just another obstacle you have to learn to overcome.

The greatest things I have taken from Globe are my independence and my ability to maintain friendships and professional relationships. Thanks to that, I’m currently working at Globe as Inclusion Co-Teacher! I kept in touch with some members of the staff and they were able to help me out in a difficult moment of my life. It is always nice to know that even when you are not part of the school anymore, they will support you and help you during tough times.

For me Globe is a place that not only allows you to achieve dreams but inspires the creation of dreams in young people."