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Assessments at Ark Globe

Students at Ark Globe Academy are set targets on the basis of their KS2 attainment. All targets are more aspirational than national expected progress for secondary students. The targets set by adding 1 to their baseline expectation. This means that at Ark Globe we have a minimum expectation of grade 5 in subjects by the end of key stage 4.

We use age related assessments at Ark Globe which means that a student’s grade is derived by measuring their performance in an assessment in comparison to other students of the same age. For example students in the top 3% of their cohort will expect to receive a grade 9. Therefore students’ performance is recorded in GCSE style 1-9 grades from year 7 to year 11.

Ark Globe take a robust and rigorous approach to assessment systems. This involves formative and summative assessments. Assessment setting is often completed in line with our Ark Network partners which helps us to ensure that assessments are well standardised and that marking is rigorously moderated.

Feedback following assessment always builds a Growth Mindset and ensures that students develop a clear understanding of their areas of strengths and topics for development so they can focus on constantly improving their outcomes.

Students are assessed formatively at least once every half term (more often in core subjects and in KS5). They are also assessed in summative assessments through formal mock examinations every term.

2019-2020 Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 Performance Headlines