Applications made to any year group outside the main admissions round (In-Year admissions) should be made directly to Ark Globe Academy.

If you wish to apply for a place, please complete this application form: In-Year Southwark application form

Key points to note before completing this form:

  • Please refer to the Admissions Policy for the relevant academic year for further details on the in-year application process, oversubscription criteria, waiting lists and the in-year appeals process. The policy is available on the school’s website.
  • The school will advise the admissions team at the Local Authority (LA) of any new in-year application received.
  • When the school has made a decision about your application, both you and the LA will be informed of that decision, and the reasons for it, in writing.
  • If your application for a place at the school is refused, you have a right to appeal the decision and the letter will inform you of the process and deadlines for this.
  • Unsuccessful applicants are automatically added to a waiting list for the relevant year group, ranked according to the published oversubscription criteria only (not date of application). This may result in a later application being ranked higher on the waiting list if it meets a higher priority criterion for oversubscription. If you do not wish to be added to the waiting list please contact the school.
  • Every effort will be made to consider your application and reach a decision without undue delay, please contact the school for timescales.

Parents/carers will be informed of the outcome of their application within 15 school days.

If a place is refused the child will be added to the waiting list, the position on the waiting list will be determined according to the oversubscription criteria in the School’s Admissions Policy.


If refused a place, the parent/carer has the right to appeal the decision.

If you wish to appeal, please click here for the appeal form.

For primary appeals, please first read this guidance about infant class size appeals.


Appeal panel hearings will take place within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal. Parents/carers will be notified of their appeal hearing date by the independent appeal panel clerk.

If you have any questions about the in-year application process or completing this form, please contact the school’s Admissions Officer at