Lauren, Year 12 

“I went to San Francisco, France, Belgium and Germany.”

“I don’t think that I would have a similar experience if I went to another school. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities. I went to San Francisco with the poetry club, also to France and Belgium for Music and Germany for History. I performed at community events in London too.

The most memorable trip for me was to San Francisco. The poetry event was great. It was very good to be with people, who all loved the same thing and were all very supportive. I made some great friends there and am still keeping in touch with them. Some of the people I met there just started their version of college and are doing poetry and theatre. We exchange ideas.

Ark Globe is a good environment. The friends I’ve made here will be friends for a very long time. We know each other very well and we are always there for each other. We are a kind of family.

Since Year 7, I’ve become a lot more aware and outspoken about things. I’ve taken an interest in reading and watching the news, learning about things and people. Even if we have little talks after the class with our teachers or at debates in the class, it widens your knowledge and makes you want to learn.

If you care about opportunities and extra-curriculars, even if you want to just to go to a different country for the sake of it, come here. Show that you make’ll the most of it and it will happen.”


Jevontae, Year 10

“We do feel safe in the school.”

“Since year 7, I have improved a lot. When I first came to Ark Globe, I wasn’t very serious. I improved both academically and socially, and I am more confident now.

The academy offers a lot of opportunities for students. I recently did a drama workshop which was delivered by the professionals from the Old Vic Theatre. It was fun, and helped me with my confidence. I also do music and basketball regularly.

The best trip I went on was a residential trip to the Lake District. We climbed to the top of a mountain. It brought people in my year group together.

Ark Globe is a socially warm and a welcoming environment. Our teachers are very professional and very helpful. People respect each other in the academy. Students are supportive too, you can get help from other people; they would listen to your troubles. We all do feel safe in the school.

I would recommend Ark Globe, it pushes us sometimes but also brings the best out of us.”

Shameika, Year 10

“At Ark Globe, you know exactly how to make yourself the best you can be.”

“I went to many university trips and talked to professionals. Last year, I was part of a science after school club, called STEM club. We would pick certain topics in science and we would enhance our school topics. We had trips where we interacted with professionals and with other schools and did workshops together. At the end of the year, we went to the Supreme Court. It wasn’t exactly science related but was a reward trip. I would like to either study medicine and become a doctor or study forensics and become a detective, so I really enjoyed this club.

Some of the teachers, even if they don’t teach me, I would go to them for support.

I definitely recommend Ark Globe. I don’t think I would be doing as well as I am now if I was in a different school.

The best part about Ark Globe is that we get tested regularly. So you never leave unknowing if you are doing well or not. You are told what your gaps are, what exactly you should work on. At Ark Globe, you know exactly how to make yourself the best you can be.

The biggest thing I learnt at Ark Globe is self-regualtion. At Year 7, I was angry. But now I know how it takes away from your learning and it’s not worth it. I am very different now.”