Our mission is to prepare our students for university and to be leaders in their community.

Every child has the potential to succeed and there are no excuses not to achieve that success. We expect every Ark Globe student to graduate from our academy with the qualifications, skills and confidence to achieve their ambitions and go on to higher education or their chosen career.



Our Ethos

A culture of high expectation and achievement requires a commitment to hard work and self-discipline. Ark Globe Academy has a highly structured and orderly environment where everyone is well mannered and shows respect for others.

Our behaviour code reinforces students’ responsibility for their actions. We are quick to praise and reward and equally swift to tackle misbehaviour. Central to our philosophy of achievement is maintaining a calm and positive environment in the academy, so that teachers can teach and students can learn. Helping all students to behave responsibly creates a strong academy identity which students can be proud of.

Our distinct features

At Ark Globe Academy we believe that in order to ensure all our students achieve to the highest level we need to do things differently. 

  • Small schools form the heart of our model
  • Depth before breadth – a commitment to literacy and numeracy
  • More time – a longer school day allows more time for learning
  • Rigorous assessment – ensures every student is catered to as an individual

The Small School Model

Ark Globe Academy is structured as four small schools under the leadership of the Principal.

The small school model offers a distinct advantage for students and their education. In a small school each student is known as an individual. Students have an education tailored to his/her need, has achievement tracked and intervention strategies implemented if required. The small school model allows all students and parents/carers to know the staff well; it offers security and a family feeling. There is one small school for students aged 3-11, two small schools for students aged 11-14, one small school for students aged 14-16 and a small school for students aged 16-18. 

Each small school has its own head teacher and also has its own entry and exit into the building, own dining and commons area and dedicated play spaces.