Preparing students for university and leadership in the community is a bold mission and one we take seriously in Sixth Form.

To achieve this, we focus on three things 

  • developing professional students who can learn independently through hard work,
  • discipline and reflection; ensuring great lessons by working with staff to hone their craft;
  • giving students good opportunities to enrich themselves through extra-curricular (breadth) and super-curricula (depth) activities.

We expect students to play a role in our community – leading others through their example and their commitment to the values of the academy. We believe we are stronger together than we are alone and because we believe this we know that while our individual success is important, our participation in the community is what makes us - Our successes are sweeter because we share them and our failures are less painful because others are there to console us. More, we know that our hard work benefits the whole community – showing that change is possible for those who dare to work for it.

We are a small, successful and encouraging place to study for the right student with the right ambition. We welcome your interest and look forward to seeing you soon.

Miriam Baldwin

Assistant Principal - Head of Sixth Form