Results and Destinations

Ark Globe Sixth Form is the number one 16-18 provider in Southwark and in the top 10% of all sixth forms in the country. The academy received its best ever Key Stage 5 results in 2017.


2017 Key Stage 5 Performance Headlines



KS4 - 5 Progress of students             


Academic A Level route

Vocational qualification route





Students make better than expected progress from KS4 to KS5. Students at Globe, on average, gain half a grade more than they are expected to at our sixth form.                          

Both Academic and Vocational qualifications deliver outstanding outcomes for pupils, which are well above national averages.

Average progress made in English 0.0 Cohort size of 1.
Average progress made in Maths -0.5  Cohort size of 2.
Year 13 Average Attainment grade B 73% of students gained an average grade of B; and 21% gained an average grade of A+.
% students achieving 3 or more grade A*-B qualifications 50% Half our students get top grades in multiple subjects.
ALPS 2 This is a holistic score comprising of progress of all year 13 students across all subjects. This is defined as outstanding and places Globe in the top 10% of schools nationally.
Retention: The proportion of students that are retained to the end of Year 13 87.8% Retention is well above the average for the majority of 16-19 providers in England.

Key measures 2017 Year 13

Level 3 Value added overall +0.46
Average points per entry 38.6
Level 3 value added vocational +0.58
Average point per entry 41.6

Key measures 2017 Year 12

Level 3 Value added overall +0.76
Average points per entry 26.0
Level 3 value added vocational N/A
Average point per entry N/A


In the academic year 2016 - 2017 100% of our students received a university offer, 96.6% of students accepted university offers. Great destinations for our A Level students:


Ark Globe Sixth Form


Higher education, further education, apprenticeships or employment 96.6% 88%
Russell Group University 48% 11%
Top third University 69% 17%


Russell Group universities

Student numbers


Cambridge 1 Human, Social and Political Studies
King's 2 Electronic and Information Engineering, Nutrition
Liverpool 1 Accounting and Finance
Manchester 2 International Business, Psychology
Queen Mary 1 Biomaterials for Biomedical Sciences
Sheffield 3 Business Management x2, Chinese
Southampton 1 Statistics and Economics
UCL 1 Construction Project Management
Warwick 2 Law and Sociology, Biomedical Sciences


Other universities

Student numbers


Aston 1 Business Computing
Birkbeck 1 Social Sciences with Foundation Year
Brighton 1 Sports Business Management
Coventry 3 Civil and Structural Engineering, Pyschology, Music
Goldsmiths 2 English, English and Comperative Literature
Middlesex 1 Business Management
Roehampton 1 Business Management, HR Management Apprenticeship
SOAS 1 History
Sussex 1 Psychology
Westminster 1 Computer Science with Foundation

Case Studies

Zareen Roy-Macauley

 Zareen received 3 A*s: English Literature, Psychology, History and went off to study Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS) at the University of Cambridge. Zareen said: “I am incredibly happy! I don’t think I’d be where I am now without the support of my teachers, 6th Form staff and my friends in the Globe community. I’ve always been around ambitious people here. With their passion about social justice and reaching our goals, my community at Globe has provided me never ending source of inspiration.”



Abibat Bashorun

 Abibat received A* in History, A in Sociology and B in English Literature. She studies Law and Sociology at the University of Warwick. Abibat said: “I came back to the UK on 8th grade after a few years in Nigeria, and since then I’ve been at Globe. Teachers were very helpful and supportive. Our teachers encouraged us even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. Especially during the exam season staying over time, helping with the essays, turning over essays in time, also for us to release stress helped us a lot. Teachers also helped with other activities, not necessarily based on the academic side but more on the releasing the stress we had. They assured us that the grades don’t define us. Regardless of high or low grades we get, that doesn’t necessarily determine the path we are going to take.”


Alex Nicholson

Alex received 3 As in Biology, Maths and Physics. He studies Biomedical Sciences at the University of Warwick. Alex said: “I’ve been at Globe since year 7. Teachers are so supportive; you can talk about anything. I had maybe four different career changes that I needed to do. My teachers finally helped me finding this path, and I am very happy about it.”