Ark Globe Sixt Form is more than gaining a set of qualifications, it’s about developing you as a person. To ensure you are able to achieve your best and leave a lasting legacy, we offer the bespoke Sixth Form plus program designed with you in mind. Sixth Form Plus will expose you to a range of University, Careers and Enrichment opportunities as well as offer support and guidance each step of the way to guarantee success in University and the career of your choice.


Monday afternoons – Cultural and Social Capital Electives (exposure to the arts- theatre, poetry, art, music, dining etiquette, book club, cinema club ...)

Year 12 Wednesday afternoons – Offsite Electives (including weekly internships, career exposure,  first aid training, driving theory workshops, volunteering opportunities, EPQ ...)

Thursday afternoons  - Masterclasses, Career Talks

Academic support and University readiness

Tuesday afternoons – CoachBright, Academic Passport- Student clinic

Monday to Friday – Apply for the Access Project; all students will receive an academic mentor

Year 13 Wednesday afternoons - UCAS/University preparation workshops, additionally including PSHE and Political awareness

All year around - Ark support/ bursary program, summer schools (America and Canada), University summer schools

Events – Networking evening, RAG week

Student voice  and well being

Termly Student Union events

Half termly Wellbeing week

Termly RAG week

Friday afternoons - Healthy body, healthy mind program (in collaboration with KCL)

Monday to Friday - Morning sport, The Big Half project, athletics, yoga


For more information please see Ms Baldwin or email her at m.baldwin@globeacademy.org