Ofsted and performance data


Ofsted inspected Ark Globe Academy in October 2014 over two full days and concluded “This is a good school”

In addition to this Ofsted rated our Early Years provision, Behaviour and Safety of pupils and Leadership and Management as ‘Outstanding’.

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In summary the report says:

  • “Attainment in GCSE examinations is rising rapidly and is now above the national average. Students make good progress in English, mathematics and science.”
  • “Students achieve well in a range of subjects in the secondary academy and they make outstanding progress in the primary school.”
  • “Achievement in the primary school is outstanding. Pupils’ attainment has been consistently above average for the past three years and their progress is well above average.”
  • “High-quality teaching using a wide range of stimulating activities ensures that children in the early years make an excellent start to their learning.”
  • “The sixth form is good. The students make good progress in their study programmes because they are well taught.”

Matt Jones, Principal, Ark Globe Academy said: “This is a very pleasing report and an accurate reflection of progress made over the last two years. I am particularly proud that we achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating for our Early Years provision and for Leadership & Management, this is testament to the hard work and commitment of all the adults who work at Ark Globe. However, I am most pleased about the Outstanding judgement for student behaviour, this shows that our children are proud of their academy and feel extremely safe and secure. I would like to thank all members of our community, for the help and encouragement I have personally received since being appointed Principal at Globe Academy.”

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Performance Data

2018 Key Stage 4 Performance Headlines

Ark Globe Figure

National Average Figure


KS2 - KS4 (Year 7 to 11) Progress 8 of pupils  +0.44 0.0 Progress from Year 7 to 11 is well above the majority of schools in England. Students at Globe, on average, gain almost half a grade more than they are expected to, due to an outstanding commitment to quality teaching & learning and a culture of high aspiration.
Year 11 Average Attainment 8 of pupils 4.64 4.46 The average attainment in Year 11 is a C to B grade. This is above the national benchmark by over half a grade.
Percentage of pupils achieving a Grade 4 or better in English and Maths GCSE at the end of Year 11 67% 63.9% Percentage achieving English and Maths GCSE benchmark is in above the average across England’s schools.
Percentage of pupils achieving a Grade 5 or better in English and Maths GCSE at the end of Year 11 48% 39.6% Percentage achieving English and Maths GCSE benchmark is in above the average across England’s schools.
Average grade in the English Baccalaureate 4.32       


To be released in January 2019 Average grade in the English Baccalaureate is only 0.32 from A8 suggesting that performance in the most academic subjects in year 11 is almost in line with all subjects. 
EBAC %4+  37%    
EBAC %5+ 23%    


2018 Key Stage 5 Performance Headlines



KS4 - 5 Progress of students                                        


Academic A Level route




Students make better than expected progress from KS4 to KS5. Students at Globe studying Academic subjects, on average, gain a third of a grade more than they are expected to at our sixth form.               
Year 13 Average Attainment grade B 31% of grades attained were A+ & 64% were B+
% students achieving 3 or more grade A*-B qualifications 45% Almost half our students get top grades in multiple subjects.
ALPS 2 This is a holistic score comprising of progress of all year 13 students across all subjects. This is defined as outstanding and places Globe in the top 10% of schools nationally.
Progress in English 7 students with 71% pass rate  
Progress in Maths  2 students with 0% pass rate  
Retention:  The proportion of students that are retained to the end of Year 13.  83% Retention is above the average for the majority of 16-19 providers in England.


Key measures 2018 Year 13 
Level 3 Value added overall +0.16
Average points per entry 37.6
Level 3 value added vocational -0.07
Average point per entry 37.9


Student Destinations 

In the academic year 2017 - 2018 at the end of Year 13 100% of students received a university offer, 97.4% of students accepted university offers. Out of this 29% went to a Russell Group university and 78% went to a ‘Top third’ university or course.

In the academic year 2017 - 2018 99% of Year 11 students were accepted into a 6th Form, College or apprenticeship. Out of those who were accepted, 53% of students received their 1st choice preference and 46% received their 2nd, 3rd or other choice.

Attendance Data 

End of year attendance data for 2017/2018

Primary (Reception – Year 6) 96.3%
Secondary (Years 7 – 11) 95.9%
Sixth Form (Year 12 & 13) 95.7%